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When you're looking to hire contract laborers, think of Asteroid's Labor Services.

Asteroid's Labor Services

Laborers for Hire

If you're looking to hire qualified, screened and certified, laborers for short or long term work projects you've come to the right place.  We have a database of qualified workers from which to choose, and we are constantly updating that database with new workers. Call us or reach out to us via our contact form to get the ball rolling. 

Hire Us or Hire Our Qualified Labor Directly

We know you have special needs that may change at any time. That's why we like to keep things flexible. There are times you need a managed clean-up or debris removal service and times when you just need a laborer or two to get a job done. Either way, we are here with trained people to help you get things done.

When you need managed cleaning or removal services on a regular basis you just tell us what you want and when you want it done, and we handle all the details for you.

When you want to run things yourself and just need few qualified hands to get them done right, we can help as well. We have the workers you want, when you want them. All of our workers have been per-screened and are experienced and qualified to do what you need to have done.

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Contact Asteroid Cleaning solutions to find out more about hiring laborers of all types in your area. Use our contact form or call our toll free number today.

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Hire the Following Types of Laborers Here:

Un-skilled Labor

We have experienced workers that are available to perform un-skilled duties such as:

  • Debris Clean-up
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Sweeping
  • Digging
  • Trash Sorting and Trash Removal
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance
  • Furniture Moving
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Etc.

Semi-skilled Labor

We have experienced workers who are qualified to perform the following semi-skilled duties such as:

  • Janitorial Maintenance
  • Electrical Helpers
  • Plumbing Helpers
  • Carpenter Assistants
  • Forklift Operator
  • Etc.

Skilled Labor

We have experienced workers who are qualified to perform the following skilled labor duties such as:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Certified Drivers
  • Etc.

Are You a Laborer Looking for Work?

If you're a qualified laborer looking for work on the East Coast please visit our Jobs Page for more information on how to get added to our database.